Trunk Show 1

Wednesday 14th November

10 am-12 noon

Janet O'Dell-Victorian Quilters Association

Janet’s vast collection of quilts from around the world reveal a complex history of textiles and the women and men who crafted them.

Janet opens the trunk, and her stories reveal a history of fibre, society, and the people who laboured for love or necessity on the quilts unfolding before our eyes.

She will tell us how she became a collector, a history of quilt types and the beginnings of quilting in Australia. Morning and afternoon sessions are different trunks. A rare opportunity to see up close old quilts and their stories.

$12 (includes Devonshire Tea at Monty's Tea Room)


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Quilts for Orphans / Trunk Show 1 is also available as

Quilts for Orphans is also available as