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Quilts delivered to Billanook College October 2018

Anita greeting us

Annette, Christine and Susan travelled to nearby Billanook College with several bags of quilts which will be taken, along with the Year 11 students, to their working trip to the Thai Burma border.

Their accompanying teacher, Anita, tells us that this years working project will see a food hall being built by the students and that our quilts will be a real blessing to the local children connected to this endeavour.

Susan, Annette and Christine
Susan, Annette and Christine

We were also presented with a framed photograph ... held by Christine, of the children wrapped in the quilts that we gifted them for last years trip by the students from Billanook.

It's always rewarding to see our handiwork wrapped around the recipients .. truly makes our efforts 'real'. Our stitchers have fun recognising quilts that they have either worked on themselves at our gatherings, and our offsite stitchers can see their work too I'm sure. Many thanks Billanook for taking the time and trouble to show us our quilts at their destination.


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