Creating fabric hugs for children and adults in need worldwide.

More news on our quilts across the globe ... in Tanzania this time

Dear Sylvia & Gaynor,I wanted to let you know that we finally got your incredible quilts to Tanzania and the kids are thrilled!I know it may have seemed like we forgot (I can assure you we didn’t!) but unfortunately the laws have changed in recent times and it is basically impossible to just send a gift or anything into the country without being taxed.

We have been trying to find the most economical way of doing it and while it has cost us a bit of extra money we are excited that the kids have these wonderful gifts. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity and please thank all the women for their hard work and creativity. Such a beautiful gift for our kids. I hope you enjoy the photos!

And a further update … from the Ujaama Foundation which received these quilts:

Handmade Quilts The wonderful volunteers at ‘Quilts for Orphans’ in Australia handcrafted each ofour children their own special quilt and sent them to Tanzania. The childrenabsolutely love them and they make the bedrooms look so colourful! Thank you forthese beautiful gifts!