From Mahbobas Promise in Afghanistan ... the latest recipients of our quilts.

Correspondence received from Sylvia, one of our offsite quilters and the organiser of despatching our quilts to Kabul.

> Mahboba asked that I pass on some photos she sent from Kabul of the
> children of Hope House very much enjoying your recent donation. The
> patchwork quilts have been put to very good use by the children. They
> are so excited about them that they don't want to leave them on
> their beds and have been wearing them around Hope House like shawls!
> The Australian animal prints on them have also kept the children very amused.

> She wanted to pass on her deepest thanks to you for putting together
> the donation of such beautiful quilts. They have really brightened up
> the bleak winter in Afghanistan for some lucky orphans. Mahboba is so
> grateful for your kindness and generosity and all the work that went
> into the quilts.

> On behalf of Mahboba and Mahboba's Promise, thank you again,

> Best regards,

> Alex Bellamy


Thank you!

We have received your message and will be in contact shortly.