Creating fabric hugs for children and adults in need worldwide.

Mifan Mama

Hi everyone, As you can see from the attached photos the quilts were gratefully and joyfully received. A couple of the children quickly laid claims on the quilt that they wanted. It worked out perfectly, with each child now owning a very special quilt suited to them. At one stage a couple of them had burrowed deep inside the quilts and were nowhere to be seen. The adults were overjoyed as well and loved the workmanship involved. When I visited they had just had their bath time and were about to have dinner - some were a little sleepy. The quilts used at the fundraising Gala were a huge success and garnered much interest. They were featured in the silent auction as well as special raffle prizes. It was a very generous contribution and a valuable addition to the auction and raffle prize area. Heartfelt thanks from Mifan Mama Shining Star. The funds generated will enable the charity to continue to provide support for many children and families in need. Your contribution will help to support these good works. The children at Shining Star will be able to enjoy their quilts in Shanghai and wherever they may settle. We are coming in to winter so it is an opportune time for snuggling under their quilt to keep cosy and warm. Best wishes,Jan